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Our show includes a powerful slideshow that every youth can relate to.

Media creates unrealistic expectations for either gender that can be very influential in youth culture.

Please watch this short 60 second video as an example of what inspires us to design our shows.


Every age needs a reason to live a life thats

Real- Balanced-Healthy

We have found a way to make each age smile and stand up with confidence as to how unique they really are.

We acknowledge youth individuality, but with a sense of leadership we care to demonstrate key elements to living a great life.

  • Confidence
  • Self Esteem
  • Youth Image
  • Leadership
  • Health and Wellness
  • Motivation
  • Praise and Acknowledgement

This show is modified for grades K-12.

It is a show you will never forget.


 Andrea Laboucane

Recreation Coordinator

Town of Edson

(780) 723-4403


March 26, 2008


To Whom It May Concern,


The Town of Edson hosted the 2008 Regional Go Girl Conference in which Rebecca Herman was our closing keynote speaker.  With an audience of girls ages eleven to sixteen Rebecca was able to capture their attention and engage them in her presentation.


The girls were all involved in a conversation about body image.  This is a very sensitive subject when dealing with girls in this age category.  Rebecca was able to use personal experience and media images to present the topic in a manner that made the girls realize that there are many false images about what “real girls” look like she encouraged them to be proud of themselves and their bodies.


Rebecca is a great motivator for any age group.  She is capable of getting down to their level and communicating with them through examples and personal experiences.  Rebecca’s keynote was the highlight of our Go Girl Conference and I would recommend Rebecca to anyone who needs a high energy speaker.  If you have any further questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact me.



Andrea Laboucane

Recreation Coordinator

Town of Edson

(780) 723-4403


I am writing this letter to express my appreciation to Rebecca Herman at All Terrain Fitness. 
On June seventh my daughter and I held a sleepover for the dove self esteem project. We invited ten girls and tried to have them from all different backgrounds ( some with split families and others with drinking problems etc.) As we were deciding our list of activities a friend suggested that we contact Rebecca for a workout with the girls. It turns out the workout was a minimal part of everything that she can do.I thought it was wonderful how she was able to connect and motivate each one of the girls. Some of these girls that were so selfconcious  would never be seen up dancing around and yelling (I am beautiful and perfect in my own way) it was absolutely perfect.  It was one of the most positive experiences that these girls have ever had. All of the girls that were over wanted to go to another workout the next day. After we went home everyone one was so happy and excited, I would definitely suggest anyone that needs a lift and remember how special they are to go see Rebecca. She had the girls down in a mud puddle doing push ups and they were having a blast. It was amazing how she has the ability to completely change the way the girls saw themselves and realize they can be really happy just the way they are. Here are some of the things the girls had to say about their experience.
(That was the most fun I ever had) Cassandra
(Rebecca is so cool) Samantha
(She makes us feel like we can do anything) Shawney

What an inspiration to these girls you are. Thank you again



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