"If we were to do all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves" 

-Thomas Edison

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You will hear a 6 minute interview aired on CBC in January 2007)

Rebecca specializes in motivational strategies for youth and adult  fitness as well modifications for children with special needs. She has an explosive energy, a voice that folks relate to regardless of age or fitness level. Herman completed her BCRPA Fitness Instructor certificate as well as several courses in health and wellness.Her passion is motivational coaching with cross training.Her goal is to complete a degree in nutrition  with Simon Fraser University via distance education, thus allowing her to continue training this program. In 2004-2006 Rebecca designed and worked on a project with youth  fitness in Kamloops. Her program, "PHAT ENERGY" was accepted into the school district and is still under further consideration for upcoming fall. CBC caught wind of the program and requested an interview on Daybreak South in January. She has since relocated with husband and son to Hinton Alberta, and wishes to continue working at her passion in "FAMILY HEALTH and FITNESS." 


Fitness program takes exercise outside

By Ryanne Radford
Monday May 21, 2007

A new program in Hinton is aiming to get kids up and off the couch.
“It’s about feeling great and sweating,” said Rebecca Herman, fitness trainer and founder of All Terrain Fitness.
Herman said that her program is a fun fitness program that is designed for the whole family.
“Families don’t always get to spend a lot of time together,” she said.
“This program brings the whole family together.”
Her program includes endurance running, pre and post mama fit, senior stretch ‘n’ stroll, relax ‘n’ stretch, on the ball, kids kick fit, kids sports prep, kids dance express and all terrain boot camp.
“This program was developed to include people from any age level,” Herman said.
“It could be kids, families, moms, dads and seniors.”
She said that through teaching this program she has noticed that women sometimes have a higher fitness level then they think.
“For moms it’s important for them to realize that they are fitter then they think because they are holding a baby on their hips and running after kids,” Herman said.
“But it’s their inhibitions that hold them back.”
She said that the program also has many benefits for school aged children and added that she has noticed that children return back to class with a positive and well-rested frame of mind.
Overall, the program is designed to increase stamina, endurance and energy levels.
“I’ve noticed that sometimes people feel sluggish tired and slow,” she said.
“By doing this program, it gives them their ongoing energy fuel for the day.”
She said that she feels the outdoor aspect of her program is one of the best parts.
“The outdoor twist is great instead of being inside,” she said.
“Who wants to be inside for the summer months.”
Her goals are to allow children to explore a range of physical activities, improve hand eye co-ordination, cardiovascular fitness, strength, posture and flexibility. All classes begin May 21 at the Dr. Duncan Murray Recreation Centre. Fitness program options include, endurance running, pre and post mama fit, senior stretch ‘n’ stroll, relax ‘n’ stretch, on the ball, kids kick fit, kids sports prep, kids dance express, and all terrain boot camp.
For more information call or to register for a class call 816-0526 or log on to www.phatenergyfitness.com.

 Kamloops Daily News December 2006

Program interviewed on CBC January 3,2007

"I have not seen kids move like this in years, this is fabulous" grade 4 teacher

"Can you stay forever?" grade 1 student

"I could only do 2 push ups when I started, now I can do 10! I'm joining the basketball team finally!" grade 7 student 


This is joint project underway to work with parents, teachers and youths in raising physical activity within schools.

Thank You to the teachers, parents and staff of JOHN TOD ELEMENTARY in Kamloops for your dedication to supporting this 24 week pilot project.